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The most stared Node JS frameworks on Github


#1- Expressjs/express ( more than 53K⭐)

Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node JS.

5 Steps to boost your web app before it goes live!

How to Boost Your Website Speed Before Making it Online?
How to Boost Your Website Speed Before Making it Online?

Do you have your own website? Do you plan to build your website and want some tips to boost its performance? Are you curious about what most impacts website speed?

Welcome, this article is for you! We all know that a website’s performance is crucial for being well ranked by Google and SEO. Therefore, the website will have better visibility on the internet which means more visitors.

Thus, no matter how much we try, this step is a must-do to catch more users and provide them with a beautiful website experience. …

Learn these essential status codes for web development


1. 100 Information

The HTTP 100 informational status response code indicates that everything is OK and that the client can continue with the request.

To have a server check the request’s headers, a client must send Expect: 100-continue as a header in its initial request and receive a 100 Continue status code in response before sending the body.

Do you wonder what a frontend developer got in his or her toolbox?

Frontend Dev Toolbox Tools
Frontend Dev Toolbox Tools

When it comes to frontend development, you need several tools to create a website’s visual identity and personality. This article covers the toolbox I’ve been using so far and updating with time and experience.

These tools will help you choose the best colors, font, illustrations, and Icons to create the identity you want.

Ready? Let’s go!

#1- Colors

A web app or website needs colors to be beautiful and authentic

  • Color Hunt
  • Coolors
  • Muzli Colors

#2- Fonts

Fonts are essential to express your website personality

  • Google Fonts
  • FontSpark app
  • Fontshare
  • Fontesk

#3- Icons

Icons are the user’s guide through his or her journey…

Who Says a Developer Says a Pro at Googling, Nah?

6 Tips to Google searching like a pro
6 Tips to Google searching like a pro

If you are already a developer, you may have already discovered that good searching skills are a must in this field. This article covers some tips that will surprise you and help you find what you need on the net smartly and quickly!

I personally use these techniques to search for things efficiently as a developer and find new topics and ideas as a writer.

Ready? let’s go!

#1- Site

The site: function job is to search only a particular website. This is so powerful. Imagine you like an online blog. You loved the writer's style and want to read his or…

The VScode great success reasons

5 Reasons that make Visual Studio Code one of the most popular code editors in 2021
5 Reasons that make Visual Studio Code one of the most popular code editors in 2021

#1- Simplicity

Developers find that their first steps using this code editor were intuitive and simple. You can get used to it from the first day of using it. The fact that it’s not an IDE filled with functionalities doesn't really impact VScode’s coding experience because it also has IDEs features and functionalities that are added in a user-friendly way.

How to create your own lovely chrome extension?

Designed by FAM

I needed to create my first chrome extension to automate some things I needed to do repeatedly. In this article, I’m sharing what I have learned, and I’ll be summarizing what you need to do so that you can quickly create your own chrome extension. Right to the point!

This is so interesting as many developers use this way to create an income online by selling chrome extensions.

Ready, let’s go!

Step 1: Create the directory structure

Before starting coding our extension, we’ll need the folder where we will create the extension, and this folder should have a specific structure so that the extension could work.

Git terminology you should know as a developer or a tech project manager


#1- Repository

A repository is where your code is stocked. It is like a folder. It contains files like an ordinary folder. The only difference is that it has a history of changes that it has undergone from its creation. You can then know what happens a day ago, for example, and who made the change.

Discover these tricks and save your time implementing them yourself!

5 Awesome HTML tricks every web developer should know
5 Awesome HTML tricks every web developer should know

1. Lazy loading images

Have you heard about lazy loading routes or components? Well, it’s the same thing with images. They can also be lazy-loaded. This will prevent the loading of all images that you don’t really need right away on the screen, thus accelerating the loading time of your app. This is also used on medium due to the number of images it displays each time!

<img src="image.png" loading="lazy" width="200" height="200">


2. Change the picture based on the screen size

The HTML picture tag is so powerful you can choose multiple images for different widths instead of having only one that scales up and down. …

Steps to follow to setup Nodemailer and start sending emails



This article covers sending Gmail emails in a Node JS application. If you want to send a simple email without attached docs, you may have to consider using HTML without installing extra dependency.

If that’s your case, then here are some simple steps to follow for that:

Otherwise, stay with us to see how we can send emails with the library nodemailer for NodeJS app.

Step #1: Install the nodemailer module in your app

To do so, we need to use a package manager, either NPM or Yarn as you want:

npm install nodemailer


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