Understanding CORS Error

Have you ever got Cors Errors? What is a CORS error? Why do CORS errors happen? How do you fix a CORS error?

Today’s story is about understanding CORS errors so you won’t be frustrated anymore with this error on your browser’s console.

Let the story begin...

Use case scenario

Imagine I have…


I’ve already written the story behind the HTTP most important request’s code in the following article:

Its video is out!

I hope you like it and you’ll support my web stories channel ^^

See ya!

My today’s story ends here, I hope you enjoyed it and learned from it ❤

If you like…


This article can also be helpful for UI/UX designers and BA (Business Analysts). There are frontend functionalities that can be quickly done with less cost by the already existing web tools and technologies.

I’ve worked on several projects, big ones, small ones …etc. I’ve been confronted several times with incoherent…

Fun APIs for your portfolio …

Here is a good list of APIs that can add many features and magic to your app with less effort. There are also inspiring to make applications with and add them to your portfolio.

1- Background removal PI

This API is a fully automated background remover. If you have to deal with image backgrounds…


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