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How to make your website SEO-friendly?


SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It’s the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. Having organic traffic is crucial for any page on the internet. The good thing is that there are some tips you can do to improve your web app or website rank on the internet.

Ready, let’s go!

1-Title Tags⁣

The HTML title tag plays a huge role for search engines. …

How to get the most of HTML attributes?


There a lot of things that we can do simply by using HTML attributes. This article covers these powerful attributes that will make your life easier and make you get the most from HTML.

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The download attribute specifies that the target (the file specified in the href attribute) will be downloaded when a user clicks on the hyperlink.



In HTML, any element can be editable. With some JavaScript event handlers, you can transform your web page into a full and fast rich text editor. When an HTML element has contenteditable set to true, thedocument.execCommand() method is…

Code, test, and share online without further installation


Free online IDEs are just a blessing for us developers. For new junior developers, this may not be reasoning because you may be already using them. But for old developers, we had to live with the old way for some time.

Let me tell you about it 😜, before we buy an IDE or install the free one on the market. We install and configure the editor based on what tech we are gonna use. We repeat this step for other apps with different configurations and tech. We spend our time configuring things than actually coding the app 😅. You…

The ultimate 10 rules for website accessibility

A good website should be accessible to everyone!


#0-Structured data should be valid

Search engines use structured data to understand what kind of content is on your page. For example, you can tell search engines that your page is an article, a job posting, or an FAQ.

Marking up your content with structured data makes it more likely that it will be included in rich search results. For example, content marked up as an article might appear in a list of top stories relevant to something the user searched for. —

To verify if your app respects this rule, you can use the Google Search tool below:

Steve Jobs tricks and hacks to succeed in any presentation

You can have the best product in the world that doesn’t mean you will be out of stock your first day selling that product. Because first, people don’t know the product. Second, they don’t know the seller. That’s why marketing is super important.

The way we are presenting things will for sure impact the customer. I wanted to learn more about the art of presenting ideas, products, services … whatever to an audience. So, I started my 2021 by reading an awesome book by the writer Carmine Gallo. Called: Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs.

This book is fascinating. I decided…

How to write JavaScript code smartly?

As we know, code quantity matter in terms of performance. It’s a simple equation. Long code means more bites to download for the browser, which means more loading time. It's not really visible for simple and small apps, but for enterprise and large apps, that will definitely cost in terms of performance.

This article is about the good habits we should have when coding in JavaScript. It’s about how to code smartly with fewer code lines. And that will for sure make the difference.

Let’s get started!

#1-Null, Undefined, Empty checks

We always check if a variable is null, undefined, or empty. There is…

Use the built-in Emmet actions of VSCode

By @the_frontend_world

Hi dear friends,

Do you know about Emmet? Have you ever used it for your code? If not, you may regret not knowing this super powerful tool.

What’s Emmet?

Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors, which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow. And most important things, guys and girls, is the:

Speed, Oh yeah, Emmet make you a 10 times faster developer than you normaly are.

Some years ago VSCode team decided to integrate this plugin into their text editor thanks to its big success among developers.

How does Emmet boost your speed?

The keyword is “abbreviation”. With Emmet, you can write a block of…

How do I make my website load faster?


Do you have your own website? Do you plan to build your website and want some tips to make its performance high? Are you curious about what impacts the most a website speed?

Welcome, this article is for you! We all know that a website's performance is crucial for being well ranked by Google and SEO. Therefore, the website will have better visibility on the internet which means more visitors.

Thus, no matter how we try, this step is a must-do to catch more users and provide a beautiful user experience that will make them happy after visiting your website…

How to become an Angular developer?


Angular can seem a bit challenging for developers since it’s a framework, and there are many things to learn about so that you can become an Angular developer. I have experienced this. React was so easy to learn with basic Javascript knowledge everyone can start learning React right away. Whereas, with Angular, it’s difficult to have a quick big picture of it since there are many core fundamentals related to the dependencies management, structure, zone area, templates, and much more to learn about.

This article is the roadmap I’ve personally followed to become a senior Angular developer. …

My top favourite Chrome extensions I use


This extension is my favorite. If you are already a developer, you’d know that this domain is on race. You need to keep yourself update with the new technologies. Otherwise, you’ll be useless in the future. However, keeping updating yourself when you are so busy is just impossible. I’ve experienced this, and I needed something that will tell me straightforward the right and more important things to read and learn. Some months ago, I found out about this extension and regretted not knowing about it when I was a junior developer.

For now, I ranked it number #1 because I’m…


I’m a passionate software engineer and woman in the tech world. Find more about me here: 🔗 I love to help people and share what I know!

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