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Hi and welcome to part 2 of the practical RxJS guide. If you haven't seen the first part yet, it’s linked below.

This episode covers:

  • Understanding the n°2 RxJS pillar… observers
  • Managing subscription
  • Operators (processing observables' results and crafting/shaping data to what you exactly need for your app)
  • Creating your own operators

If you haven't yet seen the other articles, the big picture, and part 1, I encourage you to do so if you don't know about RxJS.

Is your mind ready? If yes, let's start!

1. Understanding the n°2 RxJS pillar… observers

In the last article, I showed through examples how to consume values return by…


As promised. This article is the practical guide that comes after building a good ground for RxJS in my last article:

This article will be out pass to action to technically see how things work.

/!\ Requirement: If you don’t know what’s RxJS is about I encourage you to check the article above before jumping to coding. Having a deep understanding will make you acquire RxJS skills for life!

I assume that you know the benefits and why RxJS is a famous word in today’s web development field. I’ll jump to practice!

In this article, I’ll need your full attention…

RxJS patterns are popular nowadays as data management and manipulation in a web app are crucial for every app.

Who didn’t retrieve data from an API or whatever the source is in their app? In this article, I cover:

  • The context, data
  • RxJS and why is it used?
  • When to use it?
  • Bonus (Whispering: at the end)

The most important message I’m passing in this article is the big view of RxJS to make you familiar and comfortable with it via my animations and explaining style!

This article is a bit long, but trust me it’s worth it.

Ready? Grab…

GitHub copilot

Technologies move so fast that the one can’t follow with everything. One of the big changes that come to the technologies world is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

This technology brought to the table a lot of new ways to fix/automate daily problems or tasks. It has also wakened the creativeness sense at solving problems. And that’s where its power relies on.

I studied AI during my master's degree. I was so fascinated by its power. It's about making machines more human, how? By letting them learn as humans, they get data (history, souvenirs, experiences) as an input, and from our experiences…


This article won’t teach you anything. It’s only to recharge your battery after a bad day. I had a crazy day and needed my laugh drug.

Who doesn’t need to quickly recharge his battery after a long fight with a bug or functionality that isn’t working and you don’t know why the hell it’s not working… this situation is common in the developer's world!

I gathered the top list that talks to me the most often published by one of my favorite accounts @TheProgrammerMe, let’s see if that talks to you too as a developer 😁

Best React UI Frameworks

The really great thing about UI frameworks is that it respects design laws that not every web developer is aware of. It’s totally normal because we developers learn to code and use our mind’s skills, not our artistic skills.

When using this framework, you don’t need to care about simple yet effective behaviors like the button hover effect.

Here is my top list for React UI tools:

#1- Material UI

This is one of my favorites. This framework provides your React app with components already ready for faster and easier web development. You can build your own design system or start with Material…



Through my journey with web development, I learned that some web developers lack general culture about the web.

I created this e-book to give a brief yet effective story about how the web works and keywords every web developer should learn and understand.

This idea comes from a group of students that I assisted in learning modern web development. They found my explanations visual and make it easy to imagine how things worked thus easy to remember. Theis students suggested making a collection for modern web development. …


Have you ever had the following conversation?

Family: “How are you doing?”

You: “Well, I’m great, I found a job, and I’m doing okay.”

Family: “Oh, great, what do you do?”

You: “I’m a developer. I build applications, software. You know computer stuff.”

Family: “Oh, really. That’s really great. My computer is not working well. Can you fix that for me, please? Oh, and my phone is too slow. Can you check it, please?”

You: “😐

When it comes to working in the computer science field, many people cannot follow the crazy race of technology and know what a developer…

Every developer got a reason to choose to code. Developers are often addicted to coding. This article is a collection of reasons that make coding an addicting habit for almost all developers. This list is inspired by my own reasons, so please share with us if you have other reasons. I’ll gladly add them 😉!

#1- You’re a Creator

A developer starts from nothing to something—this feeling of being a creator, an inventor. You start from a blank page to some awesome things that work.

This is so addictive because what you create can transform someone’s life and that only reason makes you so…

CSS Mistake to Avoid

Learning from others is the best way to learn faster and smarter with less effort!

Have you ever had a mentor that shared with you his experience and his recommendations? Well, that’s typically the great thing about having a mentor. He will share his own years of experience with you in a few minutes or hours. Isn’t it great to learn what others learned in years?

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a mentor that will invest his time and effort for you. But you can, however, rely on article and developers sharing their experiences.

One of my blog objectives…


I’m a passionate software engineer and woman in the tech world. Find more about me here: 🔗 I love to help people and share what I know!

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