What is a web cookie and session?


Now that we have the base foundation about how we communicate on the internet and how HTTP speaks through its headers and methods in the last articles. We need to complete our vision with some things we need to know before learning about browsers and how they work. We’ll learn…

Change comes from mindset and habits

2022 WEB Program

As I announced in my previous article:

This year, I decided to lead the way for current and future developers. This won't be just through my articles but also personal coaching.

It’s FREE!

Reasons to become a developer?

  • No one is born as a developer. If you want, you can be one!
  • You don't need…

My wishes for a happy and peaceful 2022 with a gift of a year of Medium membership.

Merry chrismas

Hi dear readers,

This time, I’m not writing a technical article about the web and technologies.

This year was so hard. Many of us have lost a friend, a family member, a colleague, a person they cherish. Some people can’t meet their families or work and have financial problems.

This year was probably…


I’m a passionate software engineer and woman in the tech world. Find more about me here: 🔗 www.fam-front.com. I love to help people and share what I know!

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